Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue.

I cannot begin to tell you the love, emotion and tradition that I felt on Saturday, at the Wedding of Dr. Matt and Charlotte Hale Sexton. I would like to take this time to thank my friends for letting us be part of this very special day. I am very honored to share some of their wedding portraits with you. I have been blessed to know Charlotte since she was a little girl. This day was more than a celebration. It was if life had come full circle and time stood still for just a short while. Please enjoy!

DSC_0186BdsThe First United Methodist Church~The parlor


Our beautiful bride Charlotte Ann


Dr. Matt Sexton


Our first glance. Dr. Matt admiring his beautiful bride.

The wedding party


Finally…  Mother of the bride gets to relax and soak in her surroundings.


Pride and joy


The most beautiful church in Eastern Kentucky. circa 1918


1 Corinthians 13:13 and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

DSC_0781BbdsHALE ~HALE the gangs all here (The Hale family)

DSC_0825BdsStepping out on your reception guest=awkward,  Sunset wedding photo=priceless!!



collagebDaddy dance~ There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

DSC_5545BdsThe end to the perfect day.


A long kiss goodnight!!!!

Thanks to everyone for a perfect day.

Starting the morning at Panache` with Ashley Dotson, Wedding  Coordinator, Sharon Hobson,

Flowers by Margo Barber @Christinas

Rebecca Haywood-Harpist, Debbie Mink,  Organist,  Kim Thacker, Violinist

Nancy Betrand, Premier Events,  Jenny Wiley State Park Lodge, Ginger Steele EC

Kim Newsome,  Kim’s cakes by design

I would like to also thank the parents of these two beautiful people for raising such incredible

human beings.  Thanks again and much love to all.










Happy New Year 2014

Five years and going strong, we have been honored to be part of The Pikeville Medical Center’s New Year’s Eve Gala. This has become an annual tradition for us here at the Studio. Not only are we thankful for the new friends we make each year but it truly is an over whelming, heart warming, blessing to see our dedicated friends that come year after year. “you know who you are” 🙂 Although we are there to work it doesn’t seem that way, seeing all of you in front of my camera , across the room, or in back of the line, It truly is a wonderful fun evening. I thank each and every one of you for the memories we share. It is my hope that each of you carry the love we feel for you all the year through and know that it is because of you I start my year with a “glad heart”.

The vision of Mr. Mike Thompson. Creative Lighting Pikeville Kentucky

The vision of Mr. Mike Thompson. Creative Lighting Pikeville Kentucky

Elizabeth "Betsey" Giles

Dynamic Lighting and Draperies

Our gracious host

Our gracious host

The food is amazing.

The food is amazing.

Signature events Pikeville Ky. Michelle and Jamie Sword

Signature events Pikeville Ky. Michelle and Jamie Sword

Awesome music provided  by Skyline View Nashville  Tenn. Awesome music provided by Skyline View Nashville Tenn.

A snap with pap!

A snap with pap!

Ringing in the New Year with Pikeville Medical Center 2013

To be part of the Pikeville Medical Centers New Year Gala is a honor to say the least. There are so many incredible people that work countless hours to assure this evening is full of fun, food and merriment.  I wanted to share some of the images of this spectacular event, and also to say thank you.

The Grand Entrance

The entrance to the Gala~ Table and Chair design by Signature Events Pikeville Kentucky

DSC_8284 wp

Another view of the dance floor. Beautiful lighting by DYNAMIC DRAPE AND LIGHTING


One of the many food stations. Terri’s Catering Louisville Kentucky

DSC_3115 close up star copy

More details of the food tables.

DSC_3143 wp

The Kadillacs from Nashville Tennessee rocked the night away!


Walter and Pam May were such gracious host.

Mr. Mike Thompson of Creative Lighting Pikeville Kentucky, or as I like to call him.. Mr. Detail

Signature Events, Pikeville Kentucky

Terri’s Catering Louisville Kentucky

Dynamic Drape and Lighting , Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Kadallics of  Nashville Tennessee

The Staff of the Expo Pikeville Kentucky

Thanks for all your help and blessings to you in the next year.

This Wildcat Digs Coal!

Being a photographer for 30 years, I always get asked to photograph all sorts of people, places, or things.  Today was no exception when I got to visit an actual deep mine.  It is no surprise  I am passionate about COAL!

When my friend suggested a photo shoot at a deep mine, we knew right away that we wanted a “little dig” at Ashley Judd because “We” support the miners and their families.  As I entered the mine site a feeling of humbleness came across me.   A flood of vintage photographs flashed through my head.   The face of a man with a hard hat sitting side ways on his head,  Black Dust covering his face.   This is a beautiful site to me!  To have the opportunity to see a coal mine up close and personal really hits home for this “Friend of Coal”.  When you think of all the blood, sweat and tears that these hills hold; its like you are walking on sacred grown.   All these men  have ever wanted to do is work and provide for their families.

I have so much respect for the hard work that these men have given to afford us the luxuries to enjoy (electricity).  I think we have taken these privileges for granted for way to long.  We have not given enough credit where it was due.  We Dig Coal.  Get over it. This is our way of life. If you don’t like coal then don’t use it.~



Friend of Coal~~~ always!

Hot fun in the summer time~Lyndsey and Alex say… I DO!

I have been blessed for years to be friends with the Crouch family from Lexington.   I would like to take this time to share some images from the Wedding of Lyndsey and Alex. This amazing couple was able to stand the hottest day of the summer for an outside wedding. I believe they must have gotten used to heat going to College and falling in love at Ol Miss University, cause never once did i hear any complaints from these two.  

Our gift bag when we arrived at the hotel. The first taste of Southern Hospitality.   So cute!

Another adorable way to represent the South. Flowers by House by JSD


Father and daughter as they begin the walk down the aisle.


Such a sweet moment..Image

A view of the beautiful ceremony The Cove~Lexington Horse Park



The Wedding party

The Brady Bunch!

Cake by Tinkers The wedding cake!

Just horsing around!

The first dance!

A evening stroll around the Round Barn ~ The Red Mile

Time to say good bye to all. Best wishes to a wonderful couple!

Thank you for letting us be part of your very special day. So wonderful to spend the day with you. Also a big thank you to the wedding planner Miss Sarah Leer.

“I shall love you forever”! (Je t’aime pour toujours)

…And this is true. Last weekend we were honored to shoot the Wedding of Lucinda and Adam. I have known Lucinda for years. She was a high school student when she became my mentor and dear friend. When she told me about the news of her wedding, I was more than happy to be on board. I fell in love with Adam from day one, and after doing the engagement portraits I knew without a doubt that he was the perfect man for my friend.  Fast forward 2012, a fabulous wedding that you only dream about shooting. The chemistry between the entire wedding party and guest, was incredible.  My love to the happy couple. Have a great time in Paris. It’s the city of love, after all..

Say yes to the dress!

Gratz Park, Lexington Kentucky



Beaming with pride...Deborah, Mother of the Bride!

Sending special love to heaven!

Special moments!!

The first dance...possibly the "Paso Doble"

A great time was had by all!!!!

Not ready to leave the celebration, but taking steps to a life together!

I have to send big KUDOS to Wedding Bliss~ LeeAnn Sheilds

The Hilary Boone Center~UK, Venue, Catering,  The Staff was amazing!

Cake~Sweet Magnolia

Band~ The Jay Flippin Band

and the entire Wedding Party, Familys and Guest. Thank you for making this the most perfect evening.

Celebrating New Years with a Mountain Treasure!

The Pikeville Medical Center New Years Eve Gala was a super exciting event for me. I was honored to spend the evening with friends I have known for years. The event planners at the hospital really did an amazing job transforming the Expo into a one of a kind design. The colors that were chosen were purple and gold. Everything from the feathers in the huge center pieces to the amazing lighting display that illuminated each piece of cloth that hung from the rafters. It was simply beautiful! Every detail was perfect, I can’t imagine the amount of work that was involved in just the planning this event. All i can say is WOW!!

The Entrance and table designs by Signature Events Michelle Sword

One of the many food tables.

The desert table! (Proceed with caution..ha!) Red Head Deserts~ Frankfort Kentucky

A sweet kiss for dad!

The Band…The Kadillacs From Nashville Tennessee Everything from the B52’s, Van Morrison to

Stevie Wonder.

I also want to give Kudos to Mr. Mike Thompson of Creative Lighting of Pikeville..for being Mr. Perfection.

At last I want to Congratulate The Pikeville Medical Center for being chosen NATIONAL HOSPITAL OF THE YEAR  two years in a row.

What an honor that is to celebrate with all of you.

Peace, happiness and good will to all..

Let me count the ways.

 To say, I love you to a family like this one would be a understatement. I have been blessed to be part of this Clan for over 20 years. We have shared so many memories.  Baby portraits, to the imfamous “Little Indian Girls” (inside joke)  From  Proms to Secret Santa and now the Wedding of Brittany and Cody. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  For me, the “full circle” is the time we’ve spent together and people like you  are the blessings that make my  “DREAMS COME TRUE” ~always!






ps.. here’s to a “livin” doll named Kassidy that ran over just in time to get her up “close and personal photo” love you sweet girl!

Fun facebook free for all

Paula Goble Photography studio has a fun and exciting event coming on April 9, 2011.  Here at the studio we have been buzzing with fresh, new ideas ever since we got back from the SPA (Senior Portrait Artist) event in California,  And since we love you just the way you are we want to have an open day for a free mini photo shoot. We want you to help show these ideas off.  So here’s the catch. There isn’t one. Everybody that calls and comes in to spend an hour or so with us get’s a hot new facebook image. Did I mention for FREE. Our hope is to have fun, get to know you and create an amazing image for you. So come as you are, bring that one of a kind attitude that makes you the person that’s you. Come show us what you got and let us take it to the next level of creativity.

Baby Luv

It was baby week at Paula Goble Photography. This week was filled with the little bundles of joy.  With our baby program we get to see them grow from Newborn to 12 months.  To document the life of a child is one of the most rewarding jobs of all. To watch the change from month to month is fantastic.  With subjects like these, who couldn’t love their portraits.